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Rebates - If you spend $300 or more on qualifying products (almost everything) during a calendar year you'll receive a rebate equal to 5% of your purchases that year. The "apple dollars" rebate is just one of many ways we utilize to make Healthway the best value provider in the state.

Store Specials - Osteoporosis is becoming more prevalent.  Prevention is essential.  Ask about Grow Bone from Garden of Life and other ways to keep your bones strong.

Mail Orders - Healthway has an active mail order service.  Orders are mailed via USPS, generally the on the same day the order is received.  Cost of shipment is determined by weight, delivery zone and method.   We use only the USPS rate schedule and do not add a handling charge.  Parcel Post is usually the least expensive option and shipments in state are usually delivered in 1-2 days.  We will request credit card information if you are not already a regular customer.  Call your order to 601-856-8394 .

Gift Certificates - What a nice way to let your friends and loved ones you care about their health and wellbeing.  Available as $5, $10, $20, $25, $30, $50, and $100 certificates.  Need more? Just ask.

Water - Your body is approximately 70% water.  The water your consume, bath in and wash your clothes in can affect your health.    Have you ever wondered about what happens to the prescription drugs you take, the paint or motor oil you spill on the ground or the fumes coming out of factory chimneys?  If you concluded that they are ending up in our water supply you are right.  Pure water is getting more difficult to find in nature as man is producing thousand of new chemicals that make their way into the water we use.

At Healthway, we take water quality seriously and we can assist you in assuring that the water you use is essentially free of pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals and other undesirable compounds.  We stock water distillers, water filters, shower filters, water test kits, and liquid minerals.  New Wave Enviro  

If you have a Love water distiller (the brand we sell) I found an easy and inexpensive (25 cent) alternative to replacement of the charcoal sachet or cartridge.  Install stainless steel screens in the cartridge or sachet holder and replace the charcoal with new charcoal.  We have the screens ($2) and activated charcoal ($2.50 for 10 refills)  this will save you $13-17 per year.

- If the body is 70% water, the remaining 30% must be yogurt. Healthway has developed a very loyal following for the frozen yogurt and dairy-free tofu deserts we serve.  Flavors change frequently-so often that we have trouble keeping the answering machine's message up to date.   Just come in and experience what keeps  our customers coming back for more. 

Champion Juicers - When you need a great juicer at a reasonable price look no further.  The name says it all.  We stock both the household model for juicing smaller quantities of fruits or vegetables, and the commercial model which is better if you plan on juicing large batches such as 5 lbs of carrots. And we sell them for less than the manufacturer.  Champion (Plastaket)   The new kid on the block is the the Hurom Juicer may be even better than the Champion.  Click on the link to watch a video comparing its' features to other brands.  We've sold one and the customer was quite pleased with his results.

Recycling - Healthway recycles as much as we can and urge you to do the same.  Some Target stores including the North Jackson store off I-55 accept donations of glass and plastic containers.

Respected Healthcare Providers
While there are many great providers these are some of the ones we like. 

Wesley Granger, M.D., (Internal Medicine)                 601-856-2460
Joseph White, M.D. (Internal Medicine, Anti-Aging)    601-366-7447   
Ben Root, M.D., (Psychiatry)                                       601-853-2676
Elizabeth Perry, M.D., (Psychiatry)                              601-605-9599
Keith McAfee,  NCBTMB,   LMT#1003                  (Massage Therapy)       601-540-0348
Doris Booker, NCBTMB, LMT#                              (Massage Therapy)       601-331-1138
Barbie Lyn, NCBTMB #423813-00  LMT #799     (Massage Therapy)       601-750-9533 
MS Fitness Pro, LLC   Tammy Thomas                 (Personal Trainer)                

Health News -  
It may seem pointless to try to affect the thinking of the government with regard to health but keep trying.  Write your senators, congressman, the President, and state officials.  Hopefully, in time some may begin to see the error of their ways.  They seem to think health is fixing a problem not preventing it.  I think health is the absence of disease and disability.  Fixing a problem is almost always more expensive and complicated than never having the problem. 

Rep. Greg Harper        Sen. Thad Cochran        Sen. Roger Wicker        President Barack Obama

Events -

The first annual HNC volleyball tournament is still a dream.  Maybe later this year.


Drugs, Vitamins, Minerals & Herbs Links
Information on drugs, dosage, drug side effects and interactions with other drugs or supplements.    Select from the A-Z list or from the Top Forty Drugs list.   Type in the name of the drug you are interested in learning about.   Whether it's Prozac or aspirin, Pepcid or echinacea, DrugDigest reviews drugs, vitamins, and herbs to tell you how to take medicine appropriately, what the product should and shouldn't do for you, and the scientific evidence that advises physicians and pharmacists on when to recommend these products. Includes pictures of pills  to make sure you've got the correct drug. 

Vitamins, Minerals & Herbs  An excellent resource for learning about these substances.                


Medical  Encyclopedia Links

Medical Encyclopedia  (MedlinePlus)  Includes over 4,000 articles about diseases, tests, symptoms, injuries, and surgeries. It also contains an extensive library of medical photographs and illustrations.


Health Condition (Third Party) Information
These are good links to understand the risk factors, diagnosis, and treatment options for many different physical conditions.

Diseases and Conditions  (,     

Jacob Teitelbaum M.D. Health Topics,

Life Extension Health Topics  (Life Extension Foundation)  

Other Helpful Links -

Body Mass Index Calculator  (Mayo Clinic) evaluates your body weight to size.  Overweight, underweight or just right.  This will help you get the answer.

State treasuries have lots of unclaimed money from refunds, insurance, bank accounts, etc. that you may have forgotten about.  See if any belongs to you at and    

Want to get a free college education without attending class?  Lecture series on a wide variety of topics from universities like Harvard and Yale are available on

Photo Album - Healthway is the result of the experiences and interactions of many people. Staff, customers, and vendors have left an impact on the look and feel of the store.  We are multifaceted individuals with diverse interests.  The album will show some of the people, times or events that influenced what we are now.

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