GoL Dr Probiotic 30B 30ct

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Dr. Formulated Probiotics 30 Billion

Every once and a while a product comes along that just checks all the boxes. We think we've found it with Garden of Life's Dr. Formulated Probiotic, updated in 2022 with postbiotics!

What makes a good probiotic you ask?

Probiotic bacteria strains - This product excels in the two major aspects of strains, selection and diversity. Garden of Life has selected specifically documented strains, complete with full transparency allowing you to look up the exact strains used in this product. They've also selected a wide range of different probiotics to ensure they complement the natural diversity found in a healthy human gut.

Potency - Here at HealthWay, we view this as a medium strength product, firmly walking the line of being great for maintenance or therapeutic support. Supplying 30 billion colony forming units, we've found this to be a very versatile strength, well suited to the majority of our customers.

Delivery system - What is Garden of Life doing to ensure the product really works? A lot it turns out! What stands out to us the most is the use of acid resistant strains and the inclusion of pre and post biotics. Acid resistant strains mean the probiotics are naturally resistant to stomach acid, no delayed release capsule needed! As many are familiar, prebiotics are special fibers that serve as food to boost the probiotics. The lesser known postbiotics are special compounds made by probiotics that deter the growth of "bad bacteria." So, we're feeding the good guys and inhibiting the growth of the bad bugs, that's a huge boost to this product's effectiveness!

Suggested use: One capsule per day. 

At HealthWay, we've found that many of our customers enjoy taking one capsule in the evening, which often promotes a healthy, normal bowel movement in the morning. That being said, this product can be taken any time of the day, with or without food.

If you're new to probiotics in general or probiotics of this strength, note that its considered normal to notice digestive changes during the first few days of use. Minor digestive bloating or gas may occur and is usually a sign the product is doing what it's meant to -kicking out bad bacteria and cleaning up the intestine! Most people find they quickly experience improvements in digestive health and any initial responses quickly changes to positive benefits.



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