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HealthWay Activated K2 60cp

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Vitamin K2 is quickly becoming the next "big thing" in the supplement world and with good reason. HealthWay Nutrition Center's vitamin K2 supplement is a very special one, offering something that most K2 supplements can only dream of!

Originally named by German-speaking scientists, the "Koagulation vitamin" is much more than first realized. While modern research has confirmed that vitamin K helps activate life-saving proteins in the blood that allow for normal coagulation in case of injury, we now know it also plays a critical role in calcium metabolism and an increasing number of physicians are recommending it alongside vitamin D supplementation. 

Bucking the trend of fat-soluble vitamins, vitamin K seems to be processed and excreted by the body more quickly than other fat-soluble vitamins, giving rise to arguments for regular intake being uniquely important.

Vitamin K's relationship with calcium seems to have fueled much of the explosion of interest in this otherwise humble nutrient. Vitamin K is a necessary ingredient for proper calcium metabolism, and specifically, supporting moving calcium from the blood to the bones. Osteocalcin and Matrix Gla are prime examples of vitamin K-dependent proteins, and are involved in calcium metabolism, encompassing bone and soft tissue function.

HealthWay's Vitamin K2 rises above the rest by offering an array of the naturally occurring variations of this essential vitamin. We've seen arguments for why the MK-7 vs the MK-4 variations are superior, we just don't think you should have to choose! Our product provides a uniquely wide range of menaquinones, ensuring you get the full breadth of benefits associated with this powerful nutrient.


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