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Irwin Acai Berry Super Cleanse 60sg

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Aloe & Triphala Active-Cleanse and Probiotics can be used as part of a detox program or as a stand-alone product for deep internal cleansing.* Key ingredients include:

  • Aloe: Prized for its many health benefits and for its unique ability to activate the body’s natural detoxification processes.* Aloe supports the elimination pathways and helps to clear toxins and waste from the intestinal tract.*
  • Triphala: A balanced blend of “three fruits” that are highly prized in the Ayurvedic tradition. Triphala has been traditionally used to assist natural internal cleansing, to support strong digestion, and to revitalize the body.*
  • Probiotics: To complement the eliminative action of Aloe and Triphala, this formula delivers 9 billion organisms** of viable probiotics per day.* Probiotics bring balance to the intestinal tract and can help to replenish, rebuild and nourish the digestive system overall.* This product includes a clinically-tested probiotic called Unique IS-2™ that is heat-resistant and acid-resistant.* This pure-strain probiotic does NOT require refrigeration.

**At time of manufacture

Details on Body Cleaning

Cleansing is an ancient and cross-cultural phenomenon. It has existed in different forms throughout the world for the past 5,000 years. In its present form, “cleansing” can be defined as any process that eliminates toxins from the body and encourages movement in the direction of health and well-being. Detoxification is complementary and involves the mobilization, biotransformation, and elimination of toxicants. We are all exposed to daily toxins from both internal and external sources, such as: chemicals in our food, heavy metals in our water, air pollution, alcoholic beverages, pharmaceutical drugs, electromagnetic radiation from electronics, and the creation of reactive oxygen species and cellular metabolites – just to name a few.


Generally speaking, we rely on four major pathways (called “emunctories”) to eliminate toxins from the body: 1) the skin, 2) the lungs, 3) the kidneys, and 4) the large intestine (including the colon). Regular passage of stool is one of the most efficient ways to rid the body of toxins. It is estimated that over 20% of Americans are suffering from chronic constipation, which may lead to the reabsorption and accumulation of toxins in the bloodstream and tissues. Additionally, liver detoxification can help you flush toxins, shed weight, and improve your overall health.* The liver contains enzymes that breakdown various compounds and drugs and produces bile that is released into the small intestine to help remove waste materials.


This formulation is a gentle yet effective product that works through the digestive tract and liver pathways to promote flushing of the colon and toxin elimination. Additionally, Acai Berry and Triphala supply powerful protective compounds (antioxidants) that combat destructive free radicals that arise from increased detoxification activity. This balanced formula includes 3 notable benefits: 1) the elimination of pounds of backed up matter and toxins clogging your GI tract resulting in the experience of a lighter and less bloated body; 2) powerful liver support to optimize your primary detoxification pathways, and 3) the combating of free radicals that damage cellular health and contributes to the aging process.


Details on Key Ingredients



Triphala is a blend of “three fruits” that has been used for thousands of years in the Ayurvedic tradition.Triphala is one of the very best “rejuvenatives” for the aging body and is widely used by herbalists to assist natural internal cleansing. It is non-habit forming and can be taken for short periods of time to help facilitate bowel movements, or more prolonged periods of time to tonify the digestive system and increase digestive fire. For all usage warnings please see product.

Cascara Sagrada

In Spanish, Cascara Sagrada means “sacred bark” and it has been used by North American tribes since the 1800s.The dried bark is aged for a year to make the laxative effects mild enough so that the relief of constipation and bowel movements are gentle with less discomfort than other laxatives.The effect is due to the influence of the herb on the motility of the colon, stimulating propulsive contractions.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

EVOO is the foundation of our liquid soft-gel technology. It not only helps to suspend nutrients inside the hard capsule but can also positively affect colon motility by activating the gall bladder/colon reflex.


Milk Thistle

The use of Milk Thistle (MT) dates as far back as 2000 years. MT contains a mixture of flavonolignans collectively known as silymarin. Various studies report that this plant possesses anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and liver-regenerating properties.


Artichoke leaf has a long history of use throughout the world to help digestive disturbances and is part of a traditional Mediterranean diet. Traditionally, Artichoke is used to promote the health of the gallbladder and to stimulate the production of bile by the liver. Current studies have reported that it may be useful for liver health and protection. The benefits mainly stem from the antioxidant content and artichokes ability to optimize biliary function for enhanced elimination of fat-soluble toxins.


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