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Women’s Daily Probiotic

Delivering advanced probiotics with clinically studied strains to support women’s health.* Our daily probiotic for women supports healthy vaginal microflora, helps maintain urinary tract health, promotes hormone balance, and offers immune and digestion support.*

- 10 Billion CFU Clinically Studied Strains

- Vaginal & Urinary Tract Health, Digestive & Immune Support*

What does Women’s Daily Probiotic do?
This once daily Women’s Probiotic supplement helps replenish healthy vaginal microflora, boosts immune defenses and promotes digestive wellness, enhancing your gut’s ability to absorb nutrients from food.* Our probiotic for women promotes a slightly acidic environment (low pH) that naturally defends against problematic yeasts and infectious bacteria, and also protects the nearby urinary tract.*

Lactobacilli La-14 and HN001 probiotic strains are clinically studied to support a healthy vaginal ecosystem*
Prebiotics from Jerusalem Artichoke are fuel for the live probiotics
Organic Chaste Tree extract promotes women’s hormonal balance*
What makes New Chapter’s daily probiotic for women different?
Women’s Daily Probiotic delivers clinically studied strains in amounts that support women’s health.* They’re DNA-tested to assure quality and identity, so you can count on getting the exact, researched strains every time. Two specific bacterial strains (Lactobacillus rhamnosus and Lactobacillus acidophilus) are probiotics for women's vaginal health, working in tandem to keep your inner ecosystem healthy, while a special blend of targeted herbs, including organic Chaste Tree, support healthy hormone balance.* Each capsule delivers 10 billion CFU’s in our revolutionary three-in-one system—no megabillions needed.

3-in-1 system: prebiotics, probiotics and targeted herbs
Clinically studied & DNA tested strains in amounts you actually need
Promotes healthy digestion & immune defenses*
Healthy vaginal microflora, urinary tract health & hormone balance*
Shelf-stable, no refrigeration required

Amount per 1 Capsule % Daily Value
Probiotic Blend 44 mg •
Lactobacillus acidophilus La-14®
Lactobacillus rhamnosus HN001™
Total cultures 10 Billion CFU
Women’s Balance Blend
Organic Chaste Tree (berry) extract, Organic Maca (root) extract, Organic Lavender (aerial parts) extract 100 mg •
Inulin (from Organic Jerusalem Artichoke [Helianthus tuberosus] [root]) 100 mg •
• Daily Value not established CFU = Colony Forming Unit
Other ingredients: Hypromellose (capsule), microcrystalline cellulose, rice extract, silica and sunflower oil.

Gluten free; 100% vegan; no artificial flavors or colors.

La-14® and HN001™ are registered or licensed trademarks of DuPont

Caution: As with any dietary or herbal supplement, you should advise your healthcare professional of the use of this product if you have a serious medical condition or are taking medication. If you are nursing, pregnant, or considering pregnancy consult your healthcare professional prior to using this product. Discontinue use and contact a healthcare professional if you experience an allergic reaction or side effect. Read label ingredients carefully before use and avoid use if known sensitivity to any of the ingredients. Do not exceed suggested use. Keep out of reach of children.


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