Olbas Oil .32oz

Olbas Oil .32oz

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Olbas Aromatherapy and Massage Oil originated in Basel, Switzerland over 100 years ago, and contains 6 essential oils that provide amazing sensations to your body at multiple levels.

  • Penetrating vapors
  • Stimulates and enhanced breathing passages
  • Soothes tired muscles

Olbas Oil has long been a household name that families reach for when suffering from seasonal distress and related discomforts. As an aromatic inhalant, this completely natural essential oil formula delivers invigorating and soothing sensations to the nasal and bronchial areas, giving you power to breath. Applied to the body, it stimulates circulation at the surface of the skin, brining comfort to tired muscles and joints.

Runners, cyclists and other sports enthusiasts praise the value of Olbas Oil. Massaging with Olbas Oil helps loosen muscles and make them supple, while inhaling Olbas vapors may help support endurance and performance.


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